Milling Service

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Custom portable lumber milling is what we do. We bring the sawmill to your site, set it up near your logs, load logs onto the mill and position them for sawing using the mill's on-board hydraulics, and saw them into boards or beams based on your requirements.

All saw mills, including ours, produce rough sawn lumber. The saw blade leaves a pattern of marks on the lumber. For fence boards, this may be acceptable and for exterior siding, this may even be desirable. But for uses like furniture or flooring, the lumber would usually need to be planed to create smooth surfaces before it would be considered ready to use.

Common sawing approaches we provide include:

Quarter Sawing: intended to maximize the amount of lumber produced with a vertical grain. It is generally not recommended for logs under 22 inches in diameter because it produces narrower boards than other techniques. The appearance of quarter sawn lumber is often preferred, especially in oak. Lumber produced is random width.
Grade Sawing: used to maximize the amount of lumber produced without knots or other defects. After a rectangular cant is created, it is turned as needed so that boards are always taken from the face that will produce the highest grade lumber. Lumber produced is random width.
Dimensional Sawing: produces lumber of a desired thickness and width, e.g., 1x8, 2x4, 8x12 etc. This would normally be done when the lumber is to be used in construction, rather than furniture. Dimensions can be the true nominal size, or can be a smaller actual size when appropriate to better match material purchased at a lumber yard or home center.

While the mill's hydraulic features assist with loading logs onto the mill, removing waste (slabs) and lumber from the mill requires manual labor. You can reduce the cost of the milling service by providing one or more helpers to move slabs and lumber to piles and stacks near by.

When the job is done, you will have a stack of lumber cut to meet your requirements. You will also have a pile of slabs and some sawdust.

The cost of the milling service is usually based on an hourly charge. In some cases we may be willing to quote a board foot charge or a charge for an entire job.

In addition to charges for milling services, there will be a charge of $1.00 per mile, one way, for bringing the mill to your site, and a charge of $25 for any blade ruined by hitting foreign objects in your logs. A 'foreign object' is anything that's not wood, most commonly nails. Sawmill services are subject to sales tax in Connecticut.

To find out how far it is from my house to your logs click here and enter a desination address.

Payment by cash or personal check will be expected upon completion of the job unless other arrangements are made in advance.