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The Sawmill
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The Sawmill

Our sawmill is a 2009 Wood-Mizer LT40 hydraulic bandsaw mill with a 28 hp fuel injected gasoline engine. Wood-Mizer invented the portable bandsaw mill in the 1980's and has been the world-wide industry leader in their manufacture ever since.

Bandsaw mills use flexible thin kerf blades. The kerf is the gap left behind the blade as it moves through the wood. A thin kerf means less of your log ends up as sawdust and more is turned into lumber than with traditional circular saw mills.

Wood-Mizer is the only manufacturer of bandsaw sawmills that also makes sawmill blades. They use state of the art quality control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure high quality blades that will produce high quality cuts. We use Wood-Mizer blades exclusively. We also use the Wood-Mizer 'ReSharp' service to resharpen blades after they have dulled. The ReSharp service uses highly automated precision equipment that returns dulled blades to original manufacturing standards for a superior cut.

Our Wood-Mizer mill has several optional features that enhance productivity and accuracy:

Accuset setworks is a computer that can control the mill's blade height. Setwork programs include absolute positions above the mill deck, positions a programmed distance from a prior position, and a pattern of cutting positions down to the mill deck. Programs can be easily adjusted to meet your requirements.
Full hydraulic controls allow the mill to quickly and safely load your logs and position them for optimal cutting.
Lube-Mizer allows precise control of the blade lubricating fluid, which is mostly water. Using too little can result in poor quality cuts. Using too much just makes a mess.
The Debarker removes a strip of bark ahead of the main cutting blade. This reduces wear on the blade, which both improves the quality of the cut and prolongs the life of the blades.
Extra back-stops allow us to handle shorter logs. The standard configuration has two back-stops six feet apart. We have two additional back-stops, which allow us to handle logs as short as three feet, six inches long.

The mill is equipped with a trailer package, which includes lights and brakes, so we can safely hitch it to our truck and bring it to your site.

Wood-Mizer mills are unsurpassed for versatility, accuracy, and safety. Visit the Wood-Mizer website for more information on Wood-Mizer sawmills.


The Fetching Arch

Honestly, we would prefer that all of our customers properly stage their logs so that the logs can simply be rolled onto the mill's lifting arms. But, we know that many customers do not have the ability to do this so we have some equipment that might help, primarily the LogRite Fetching Arch.

LogRite, located in Vernon, CT, is a manufacturer of superior logging and forestry equipment. You can find better pictures and descriptions, as well as video about their Fetching Arch on their website.

We can bring the arch to your site and, if conditions allow, use it in one or more of its configurations to move your logs to the mill.

The official capacity of the arch is logs up to 2 feet in diameter weighing up to 1 ton, but I've used it to move logs somewhat larger, and much heavier.

log moving transport logging arch logrite sensitive manual low impact

The two-man-handle configuration allows the ultimate in low-impact log movement, since logs are moved using muscle power alone. Our arch is equipped with the optional turf tires to further reduce the likelihood of damaging lawns or other sensitive areas. The feasibility of using this mode depends on the size of the logs, the terrain, and the number of helpers you can provide.

log moving transport logging arch logrite tow ring pull rope blocks

With the tow ring configuration, the arch can be pulled by a rope. The other end of the rope can attached to a vehicle, such as my 4 wheel drive truck, or to a come-along. The rope can be redirected through one or two blocks, which provides great flexibility in determining the direction of log movement.

large log moving transport logging arch logrite tongue ball truck atv tractor

The tow tongue and winch option allows the arch to move large logs easily. The tongue can be connected to a 2 inch towing ball of a tractor, truck or ATV.


The Rest

When we bring the mill to your site we will also bring supporting equipment, tools, and supplies that will help get the job done:

WoodMizer Wood-Mizer sawmill saw mill blades logrite tools supplies