Welcome to CT Logs To Lumber, LLC

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Please note:
CT Logs To Lumber, LLC does not cut down trees, buy logs, or sell lumber.

So, what do we do? We are a portable sawmill service based in Coventry, Connecticut. We serve all of Connecticut and Rhode Island, as well as closer portions of Massachusetts. We are registered for business as a domestic LLC in CT, and as a foreign LLC in MA & RI.

If you have logs that you would like turned into boards or beams, we can help. There is no need for you to figure out how to move your logs to a stationary sawmill; we can bring our Wood-Mizer LT40 hydraulic sawmill to your site and mill your logs there.

We can mill hardwood or softwood producing rough sawn lumber up to 24 inches wide in any thickness you need. We can handle logs up to about 36 inches in diameter and 20 feet long, weighing up to 4400 pounds. Beams longer than 20 feet can be produced with some extra work.

Quality logs shouldn't be turned into firewood, or worse, left to rot. Instead, have us mill them into valuable lumber, usually for far less than the cost of similar material available at home centers or lumber yards.

Please contact us to discuss your milling project. If you are in the Coventry area, we would be happy to come to your site for a no cost site evaluation and consultation.

We are a full time operation! We are available on weekends or weekdays.